Half Marathon

Half Marathon (21km)



The half marathon takes place on the 21st of September 2019.

Start time half marathon  1:30 pm.

Final start time and groups will be published closer to the event.


Age limit

All entrants for the half marathon must be at least 16 years old.



23.09.18 – 19.01.19               535 NOK*
20.01.19 – 30.03.19              630 NOK*
01.04.19 – 25.08.19              775 NOK*
27.08.19 – 21.09.19              780 NOK*

* Administration fee (NOK 20) and one-time license (NOK 50) will be added. If you have a full-year license, this can be registered when you enter, and you will not be charged for a one-time license.

Maximum time

Maximum time: 3 hours and 30 min.

Pace Teams

For some runners a pace team is the best motivation or tool to reach your goal time.

The Pace team leaders in the BMW Oslo Marathon carry a pennant on their back telling you their pace time. Before start they also hold a big red balloon showing their pace time so they are easy to notice.

Your registered estimated time will place you in the stratgroup with a pace team close to your goal time.


For the half marathon you will find the following pace teams:



Fluid Stations

There will be several fluid stations along the course which will offer sports drinks from Maxim, water , Cola and Ali Coffee. Some fluid stations will also serve bananas, but this is primarily served during the marathon and half marathon.

Food and drinks will also be served at the finish area.

There will be maximum 5 kilometres between each fluid station.


Number of fluid stations for the marathon: 5


Course map

More information?

For more information about bib number pick up, luggage storage, or other questions regarding your entry or the race day please see the Runner Info.




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