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Q&A – How does a virtual race work?

Are you wondering how a virtual race actually works? Here are some Q&A’s about virtual races based on the 17. mairaton. We hope they will help you understand it better. Its really very easy – and so much fun!

Where can I run?

Anywhere! Find the course of your choice. Do you want a fast track, challenging track, do you have a favorite place to run? You can even run around your house, in your backyard, on a treadmill – literally anywhere.

Do I get a race number?

Yes! We will e-mail you your own personal race number. You will receive a PDF you can print and a cool image for sharing on your social media account.

Can I run with my friends?

Yes you can! But we require you respect any local restrictions set by national or local governments due to the prevention of coronavirus spread.

What time do I start?

It’s up to you what time you start. We just require that you start after 00:00 and finish before 23:59 on the actual race date in your time zone, in this case 17th of May.

Is there a cut-off time?

No, we do not have a cut-off time for the 17. Mairaton. You decide your pace. But you have to start and finish on the 17th of May. Also, we will check incredibly fast times as well and check all top 20 runners.

How does timing work?

Your smart phone, smart watch, fitness watch or activity tracker is your personal “virtual timing chip”. Start the session and run your chosen distance. When you reach the total amount of kilometers you have chosen to run you stop the session and after, simply, link your Strava or Endomondo to “My Page”. We also support session file import for GPX, TCX and FIT formats – so if you use other platforms or compatible devices nothing is holding you back from joining the party 🙂

Please also note, that even though your watch or phone may deduct pauses you may have taken during your session, we don’t. We measure from start to finish!

What devices can I use?

Any smart phone, smart watch, fitness watch or activity tracker that supports track logging, like Suunto, Garmin, Polar, Apple Watch, Fitbit etc.
Strava and Endomonod both offer free memberships, and you can use the app on your phone to track your race. You do not need a watch or activity tracker.

Can I choose not to register my time?

Yes, if you do not want to register your race time, you can go to “my page” and register your participation without timing.

Will my time be published?

Your time will be updated to the official 17. mairaton results, that will be published on our website.

Do I receive a medal?

Once you have finished the 17. mairaton, you will receive an awesome virtual medal by e-mail, that you can share on your social media platforms. Also note, we do offer a real medal at 85 NOK including shipping to your door step (We only ship to Norway). It is shipped after the race.

What happens if I cheat?

You can try. We promise you, it will not be pretty!


Do you still have some questions? Do not hesitate to contact us on facebook, or send us an e-mail.

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