Some advice along the way

The text is taken from the book "Marathon" written by Marit Karlsen and Jack Waitz.

 To get in better shape, you must first decide that this is something you really want. Skippertak gives little effect, other than that it will of course give you a good feeling there and then, but it is better to have the good feeling regularly than a rare occasional one.

 You get a lot done in 30 - 40 minutes. If you find it boring with the same activity every time, you can vary jogging and brisk walking with other activities such as cycling, swimming, etc. Try to bring some physical activity into daily life.

 Make the training social; pleasant company on the trip can be inspiring and motivating. It's harder to skip training when you know someone's waiting for you.

 Imagine that you are going to "hurry slowly". The intensity must not be high - it is more important that you enjoy what you do and keep your motivation up.

 Set a goal that motivates you. The Oslo Marathon has both shorter and longer distances. Completing a race with thousands of others is a great experience that can give you an ever so small kick to continue running. That experience is precisely the reason why many advanced people went from being a beginner to continuing with running.

 Even if you have the best of intentions and have set aside time for exercise, at times things will definitely come up that make it difficult to follow the program. Do not let short breaks ruin what you have started. Do not let it slip by going back to an inactive life.

 Whether you choose a half marathon or 3 km, a week or two with little training should not prevent you from standing on the starting line.

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Age: 45

Residence: Bærum

Distance during the BMW Oslo Marathon 2020:
I run half, and of course aim to have the widest smile all the way.

Previous participation in the Oslo Marathon:
«10 for Grete» 2013, Half Marathon 2014 and 2015, 2017 and 2018 and marathon in 2019.

Three words that describe me:
Outgoing, Smiling, Energetic

Instagram: @muddylicious