3 for everyone is back!

HURRAY! Finally we can tell you that the distance 3 for everyone is back, Friday the 16th of September! 

The last time we arranged 3 for everyone was in 2017, and we are so happy that we finally got the distance back in the program in September 2022. 

The BMW Oslo Marathon will be a race for everyone, regardless of prerequisite. Now we look forward to inviting you to a running party with a 3 kilometer that absolutely everyone can participate in. Whether you are a highly trained and active runner, or if you have never run a single race. 3 for all is in the true sense of the word, for EVERYONE! Sign up here! 


In connection with the relaunch of 3 for everyone, we now offer TWO distances. In addition to the good old 3 kilometer, we also launch 3 km on wheels! The new distance includes everyone who needs a rolling aid to participate. If you use an electric wheelchair, regular wheelchair, hand bike or other rolling aids - everyone on wheels is welcome to participate! And you can of course bring a companion if you need this.

Running, walking or rolling, it has nothing to say. Here you can line up with both a wheelchair or quick sneakers. The choice is yours. These two distances should be both for you who want to break personal records, and for you who aim to complete. Everyone can manage a 3 kilometer, and that is exactly what our goal is - that everyone should feel the feeling of mastery you get from crossing the finish line. 

We hope you enjoy running, walking or rolling on September 16, 2022.

Below you see trail maps for 3 for everyone and 3 km on wheels. It has a start and finish at Rådhusplassen in central Oslo. There is a flat and nice trail that goes out along Akershusstranda, up and down Kongens gate and back to Rådhusplassen the same way as you came. A nice trail for beginners, and a fast trail for those who are on a record hunt. 



Age: 45

Residence: Bærum

Distance during the BMW Oslo Marathon 2020:
I run half, and of course aim to have the widest smile all the way.

Previous participation in the Oslo Marathon:
«10 for Grete» 2013, Half Marathon 2014 and 2015, 2017 and 2018 and marathon in 2019.

Three words that describe me:
Outgoing, Smiling, Energetic

Instagram: @muddylicious