Wins the men's marathon: Tage Morkan Augustson

WON: Tage Morken Augustson from Varegg won today's BMW Oslo Marathon. Augustson also became Norwegian champion. Photo: Daniel Tengs/tengsphoto/BMW Oslo Marathon

Tage Morken Augustson won the BMW Oslo Marathon

Tage Morken Augustson (class M24-34) from Varegg Friidrett won the men's marathon! The Varegg runner came very strong in the last kilometers, and was clocked in at 2:25:44.

Stian Christoffersen from Runar IL in Sandefjord came second overall in this year's edition of the BMW Oslo Marathon. He ran a time of 2:26:10 in the 24-34 year old category. Christoffersen was passed by Augustson at the end of the race.

Piera Tobiassen (class 24-34 years) from Sirma IL was number 3. He crossed the finish line in 2:26:59.

- "Very nice to win. I had good legs and plenty of strength at the end," said Tage Morken Augustson from Varegg.

Last year, it was Ebrahim Abdulaziz from Strindheim in Trøndelag who was the fastest on the marathon distance during today's BMW Oslo Marathon in the capital. Abdulaziz finished in a time of 2:20:47 in 2022.

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