The winners of the BMW Oslo Marathon Virtual Edition 2020
This year's results from the BMW Oslo Marathon Virtual Edition are ready!

The BMW Oslo Marathon Virtual Edition was a rich event. The town hall square was covered in glorious sun, something you have become accustomed to when it is the Oslo Marathon Saturday. But this year the race was spread all over the country and the world. Nearly 6,000 were registered, all counties represented and 600 runners outside Norway.

For most people, the Oslo Marathon is about completing, but for some it is a real competition. It is actually quite a prestige to win the Oslo Marathon, also the virtual alternative.

It was competed in the distances; 3 for Everyone, 10 for Grete, Half Marathon, Marathon and Triple. In addition to Wheelchair of 3 for Everyone and 10 for Grete.

We start from the shortest to the longest.

3 for All

3 for Everyone was back after a few years out of the program. This is an excellent distance that most people can handle.

In the women's class, it was a junior who crushed everyone. Lucie Cornelia Tunaal ran 3 kilometers in the winning time 13:42. Tunaal is only 13 years old, but shows the rest of the runners his back. Second place is won by Britta Riedel in 14:04, while the last podium place goes to Gjøvik runner Sofie Manum-Farstad. 51 seconds behind the winner.

On the men's side, Sverre Solligård from Svorkmo / NOI ran to victory with a time of 08:56. In second place with the time 09:42 came Jon Per Nygaard who represents FIK Ren-Eng. Kråkstad Friidrett captured the last podium place when Jan Billy Aas ran in at 10:05.

In the Para class for women, Ragnhild Kleven Fiskvik wins in 29:38. Kleven wins ahead of Trude Våge Karlsen and Anny Marie Våge Karlsen in shared 2nd place.

In the men's racing class, Jon-Einar Sand wins in 13:16, while Ingrid Djupskås wins the women's class in 20:19.

Photo: From the completion of the race for those who were at Vestlia Resort
10 for Grete

The traditional 10 kilometer, 10 for Grete was extremely exciting in the women's class, while on the men's side it was more different.

Two representatives from Right To Play captured their respective podium places, first and third place respectively. Håkon Eikland won in the time 32:57, while Mathias Køhn runs 2:11 minutes slower and ticks in at 35:07. The last podium place is clocked in at 35:55 by Kjell Inge Aase in third place.

On the women's side, it was extremely even. 2 runners fought to win the distance. Only 4 seconds apart.

Kaja Sommerfeldt Skeid from Team Right To Play fought hard, but in the end had to give up with only 4 seconds. The winner of this year's 10 for Grete was IL Jutul runner Julie Meinicke in the time 40:51. Third place went to IL Jutul runner Stina Meinicke who ran her 10 kilometers in 41:37.

Marianne Berthelsen wins the par class in 1:01:03, ahead of Unni Mortensen and Anne Cathrine Zapffe in second and third place respectively.

Henrik Claesson takes the victory on the men's side in the par class with 48:51. The podium is shared with Arild Fosseli Olsen in second place and Petter Smedsrud in third place.

Jon-Einar Sand also participates in Racing 10 for Grete but here he is beaten by Jonas Løkken with a time of 33:10.

Half marathon

Tony Gjerde from Bøler IF ran a very strong time during Saturday's half marathon distance with a time of 1:10:28. This was a great time no one was close to beating. Erlend Ousdal and Erik Woodward fought for second place, only 5 seconds apart when all times are registered. Ousdal pinches second place. Woodward must settle for a third place with 1:18:49 on the clock.

In the women's class, Marnardal runner Ingrid Ukkelberg was the best with 1:21:31. She ran with Inger Dagny Saanum. They kept following almost all the way before Ukkelberg ran away and clocked in at 1:21:31, only 10 seconds from his running partner Saanum. Marthe Kristine Karset from Vang Skiløperforening captured third place. She also ran the same course in Mandal.

One of the real zealots and leader of Team RP Håkon Gisholt has been in the habit of winning the par class, but this year Gisholt must be beaten by Bedir Yiyit who runs in 1:51:35, 30 seconds faster than Gisholt in second place. Third place goes to Eirik Ellingsen from Skagerak Sports Club.

The women's para class is won by GTI Athletics' Eline Øidvin. She wins with 8:49 down to Camilla Vethne who ran in 1:50:43. Third place goes to Elin Stavnes.


Photo: The starting shot has been fired for Tim Bennet and Jimmy Vika's running groups at Rådhusplassen, where 10 and 21 kilometers were to be run.

This year's marathon distance is won by SK Vidar runner Eirik Gramstad. He holds 3:46 min / km and clocks in at 2:38:47. Tom Roger Vege-Tangen ends up 5:38 behind Gramstad and into second place. Knut Erik Østbøll runs in to 2:54:54 and with that covers the last podium place in this year's historical edition of the Oslo Marathon. 5 runners finished in less than 3 hours, a milestone for many.

Verdal Athletics Club's Mona Grinberg pushes Pia Schultz down from the top with a time of 3:10:01. Schultz led for a while, but eventually had to see himself beaten. Janicke Bråthe runs into third place with 4:57 per kilometer and a finish time of 3:28:30.

In the para class we see that Petter Løvø from Vålerenga wins in the time 4:33:29, just over 2 seconds faster than Stian Løkken in second place. Terje Gravvold ends up in third place for Team RP with a time of 5:39:21.


There is always great excitement associated with the triple participants. Over the years, this distance has become incredibly popular. This year's edition was of course very special, not only because it went virtual, but because this year's edition did not contain breaks between the distances. Some will think it is an advantage, while others specialize in the breaks between the distances.

Only 1:51 separated the two best on the women's side. Budal IL runner Emma Endal Hansen's lead time was finally beaten by Kelly Martin who ran 73.3 kilometers in 7:35:50. Third place went to Marianne Årdalen with a time of 7:44:59. The winning time in the women's class holds to an incredibly strong 6th place overall.

Sebastian Conrad Håkansson has become a well-known "triple name". He has competed in this competition for several years. The 2020 edition is also topped by the runner from Svorkmo NOI. He wins the distance in 4:50:43, over 2 hours straighter than Tore Reitan in second place. Kenneth Smeby clocks in at 7:11:19. One must be extremely well trained to embark on the monster stage.


We congratulate all podium winners and thank you for contributing to a great virtual Oslo Marathon 2020. Now we look ahead and look forward to next year!




Age: 45

Residence: Bærum

Distance during the BMW Oslo Marathon 2020:
I run half, and of course aim to have the widest smile all the way.

Previous participation in the Oslo Marathon:
«10 for Grete» 2013, Half Marathon 2014 and 2015, 2017 and 2018 and marathon in 2019.

Three words that describe me:
Outgoing, Smiling, Energetic

Instagram: @muddylicious