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Running course Gresvig: two interval sessions 

SK Vidar athlete Ida Bergsløkken is behind the blog! Here you can find good tips for both running and nutritious food recipes! . Take a look at the blog and get inspired here.

Our partner Gresvig, trains together for the Danske Bank Oslo Marathon, and our athletes Ida and Silje are coaches for this race-happy team!

Below you can see Ida's post about these trainings.

Three weeks ago, Silje Fjortøft and I got a job as running coaches for a sporty team from Gresvig. An interval session every week until the Danske Bank Oslo Marathon on 19 September, was the job. My God, sick good job description, you ask me.

We met the running group for the first time at 0730 at Helsfyr, early on a gray morning a couple of weeks ago. And after we had greeted, we did away with the most important thing - group photo. Can I blog about you? Yes? Smiiiiiiiil.

blogg ida 2

Then we jogged for 10 minutes to warm up a bit, before we reached the gravel road where we were to run intervals.

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First we did some drills to get really warm and to loosen up a bit in stiff joints and tendons. And just look how good the boys were at "girl jumping":

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Smile, you guys are on the blog, I said. Great atmosphere, that is.
After we had stretched a bit, we ran some uphill runs. Then you start calmly and carefully and increase the speed gradually to maybe 80-85% of the maximum speed. In total, approx. 100-120 meters. Nice to do a couple of times to get some speed in the system before the session begins, I think.
The session we ran the first time was a 45/15 session. It is simple, time efficient and gives your system something to work with. You run in fresh drive for 45 seconds, then pause for 15 seconds before setting off for the next 45 seconds. We drove 20 times. The number and intensity can be adjusted up and down according to desire and shape. The trick here is and do not start too hard. As a rule, the legs feel sickly brittle on the first kites, and then it is easy to rock. A tip is to "run into the session". It is better to use the first two kites to get really hot than to burn all the gunpowder, because then the last 18 kites will be hard to get rid of. Been there done that, to put it that way.
For me, I feel that the 15 seconds of rest give the legs a little break so that you may not build up acid so quickly, but the break is at the same time so short that the heart rate does not fall so much. That way, if done right, you keep your heart rate up for 20 minutes. As the dragons went away, I think most people managed to find a decent flow. And everyone agreed that it was a good start to the day.
The second session we ran was 3 x (3-2-1) min, with 1 minute rest. Gradually increasing tempo for each move, and slightly increasing tempo per series. We found a nice route that went around a small lake. Unfortunately, where there is water, it is usually birds - type ducks. Today was no exception. Since I also Silje should be on each spring's side, I placed myself strategically on the side of the water that did not contain flocks of birds (ref. Bird phobia and eg this post ).

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Oh, hello digression. Sorry for that, then. Very so atypical of me. Won't happen again. ( Objective).
Regardless. If you have not run such a session before, it is a good idea to take the first 3 minutes a little nicely, so that you can feel your body and speed. Then you can rather adjust this as you run into the session. But it is important to dare to push yourself a little too, because an interval session should cost a little. That's how you get better, right. In addition, there is extra digg after the session if you know with yourself that you have taken in.
Some pictures of sporty people in good shape before eight o'clock in the morning. Creds!

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And then we were a few steps closer to the Danske Bank Oslo Marathon on 19 September.

We are with you!



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