Bring the kids to the Children's Marathon - check out this year's activities!

It is not only the adults who get to challenge themselves on the running front during the BMW Oslo Marathon. At Kontraskjæret, activities are arranged for children between 0 - 12 years. A mini marathon is arranged for children from 0 - 4 years, this is a trail of 100 meters. For children from 5 - 12 years, the Children's Marathon is arranged, with a course of 500m for those between 5 - 9 years and 1000m for those between 10 - 12 years.

Start times:

  • 10 - 12 years (1000 m): 12:00
  • 5 - 6 years (500 m): 12:15
  • 7 - 9 years (500 m): 12:30
  • Family Pool (500 m): 12:45
  • Minimum marathon (0 - 4 years) you can run whenever you want between 13:00 and 15:00.

All children who are registered for the race will receive a t-shirt and goodie bag from MENU, their own start number, and ice cream from Hennig Olsen after the race. It costs 150 kroner to participate in the race.

In addition to the race, there is also a free activity area for everyone, where you can get tested on various exciting activities from 10-15 (break from 12-13 while the race is in progress).

These are participating in the Children's Marathon at Kontraskjæret:

During the Children's Marathon, SKUR13 presents one area for balance fun. Have you can try slack line, balance board and skateboard. SKUR13 is a multi-purpose and activity hall on Filipstadkaia, Aker Brygge. The main activities in the skate hall (hall A) are skateboarding, inline skating, scooter and BMX and in hall B there is a full weekly program with self-organized activities. More info at


In the tent of Panta Rei Dance Theater there will be a children's disco with professional dance instructors! They serve you loud music and offer cool face paint, which glows in the dark. Welcome to the joy of dancing in the tent!

Panta Rei Dance Theater (PRD) is a dance company based in Oslo, and is among Norway's leading companies for teaching creative dance for children and young people.


Læringsverkstedet (formerly Idrettsbarnehagen) presents several fun activities, including an exciting obstacle course, tin can throws, coloring of the sporty Læringsverkstedet figures and not least - face painting. Læringsverkstedet is Norway's largest private kindergarten chain. Their educational program is based on playful learning, interaction and mastery, and they are important contributors with activities and volunteers at the Children's Marathon.


The sports club Vidar offers athletics games for the children. Here you can, among other things, test yourself by jumping over both high and low hurdles. Sports club Vidar is the Oslo Marathon's owner club, and all profits from the Oslo Marathon go back to children's sports in SK Vidar.



Franzefoss comes to the Children's Marathon to teach children about source sorting through play and fun. They take with them the four Franzefoss monsters, four mascots that look like the waste containers. There will be information about the monsters and source sorting at the children's level. The Franzefoss monsters make noise when they are fed with the waste they like, and the children will also receive a prize when they throw it away correctly.


In addition, Svartskog Kolonial , which sells coffee, cold drinks, waffles, cinnamon buns and sandwiches, among other things. You're welcome!


Welcome to the Children's Marathon! 



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