Sondre Norstad Moen is ill and has to stand over the 17th mayoral marathon

Sondre Nordstad Moen had to throw in the towel and withdraw from the 17th mairaton just before the start.

"Sondre has been ill for a couple of days, but we had hoped for the longest. The stomach says he must stay calm, says Moen's supporter in Kenya, Nils Forreløkken »

This is of course very boring, and they are very sorry that there are no live races from Kenya.

Follow the live broadcast with Sondre on Safarirun at 15:00. There, Sondre himself tells why he has to stand over today's half marathon and try for a new pers in Kenya.

Between 12 and 13 they will also send directly from Kenya on Safarirun , then they will go on the May 17 train and celebrate National Day.



Age: 45

Residence: Bærum

Distance during the BMW Oslo Marathon 2020:
I run half, and of course aim to have the widest smile all the way.

Previous participation in the Oslo Marathon:
«10 for Grete» 2013, Half Marathon 2014 and 2015, 2017 and 2018 and marathon in 2019.

Three words that describe me:
Outgoing, Smiling, Energetic

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