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  • Sign ups
    Am I signed up?

    To check if you are signed up to this years BMW Oslo Marathon, you can find your name on the participant list here. If you are sure you are signed up but cannot find your name, please get in touch with us via [email protected].

    Why is my discount code not working?

    If you have a discount code you must type in the code in the box “Voucher code” (please note that pressing spacebar after your code will result in your code being invalid). If your discount code does not work, please send a mail to [email protected] with your discount code.

    Is it possible to change your distance, if so when is the deadline and how much does it cost?

    Yes, it is possible to change your distance after sign up. The deadline for changing your distance is 1. September 2016, or whenever your desired distance is full. For changing distance, go to “entry login” here.

    Is it possible to change the name of the runner that signed up?

    Sign ups are personal. If there is a large spelling error we ask you to take contact with our administration for correction. It will be possible to reregister your sign up to a new runner if you cannot participate, even if the distance you are signed up for is full. Reregistering takes place via “My registration site” here. The seller will receive a reregister sum of kr 100 – The option to reregister will be possible from when the distance is full up until 10. September 23.59.

    Is it possible to change your group time or expected finish time?

    It is possible to change your group time or expected finishing time after registration. This can be done via “My Page”. If you experience any difficulty in doing this, please send a mail to [email protected] with the changes you want to make.

    Why can I not register my club?

    Only clubs that are registered members of NIF/NFIF will be on the list of accepted clubs. If your club is not on the list you can fill out your club name under “team”. If your club is a member of NIF/NFIF but you cannot find it on the list, please send a mail to [email protected].

  • The course
    Can I listen to music while I run?

    The police have requested that runners minimise the use of personal music in order to increase safety on the run.

    Will there be food and drink available on the course?

    Food and drink stations will be places around the course for the following distances: 42km, 21km, and “10 for Grete”. These will be shown on the course map for 2015.

    Where will the course map for this years event be shown?

    The course will be available on this website and our Facebook page. The course maps are viewable in the page for each distance.

  • Safety
    Will there be medical help available?

    Volvat Medical Centre and Norwegian Public Help will be available  with medical professionals in the main tent by the starting area and at stations by the course to handle any injuries and medical needs.

  • Practical information for runners
    Where do I pick up my start number?

    The week before the event you will be sent a start card to your registered address. When picking up your start number you will have to show your start card along with a valid form of ID. Picking up of start numbers happens in the Sport and Health expo at Rådhusplassen. If you are picking up a start number for someone else, you will need to show their start card and a copy of their ID.


    Where can I store bags/property during the run?

    There will be storage options at the start area. Due to security concerns it will only be possible to store the Goodiebag that each runner receives when they pick up their start number. Suitcases and bags will not be approved for storage. Runners are asked to mark their Goodiebag with their start number. Please do not store valuables in your Goodiebag. Arrive in good time as queues are expected.

    Where can I find showers and toilets?

    Showers and changing facilities will be available at Ruseløkkaskole in Løkkeveien. Toilets are available at Rådhusplassen in the start area and by all drink stations throughout the run.

    Do I get a medal after the run?

    All runners who complete the Danske Bank Oslo Marathon will receive a medal after crossing the finish line. All class winners will receive a separate prize from our sponsors.

    Where can I find a picture of myself after the run?

    Marathon Photos is our official supplier of pictures and diplomas during the event on Saturday. Smile to the photographer as you near the finish line and purchase a memory for life on their website after the race!

    Where do I get this years t-shirt?

    If you have ordered this years t-shirt you can pick it up together with your start number in the Sport and Health Expo tent at Rådhusplassen.Om du har bestilt årets t-skjorte henter du denne sammen med ditt startnummer i teltet Sport- og helsemesse på Rådhusplassen.

  • For the public
    Can you buy food and drink during the event?

    Several kiosks will be placed around Rådhusplassen. Food and drink will be available for purchase at several kiosks placed around Rådhusplassen.

    Will I be able to use my car?

    Traffic through Oslo Centre will be limited during the event. We recommend using public transport.

    Will there be any events for the public?

    Entertainment will be spread around the course. Please see “Entertainment” under “Event” for more information.

  • Volunteers
    How can I sign up as a volunteer?

    Please see the “Volunteer” page for more information and a sign up link.

    What responsibilities can I choose from as a volunteer?

    Please see the “Volunteer” page for more information on the various jobs you can choose from as a volunteer.

    Where do volunteers meet up during the event?

    Volunteers will meet up at the “Funksjonær Tent”, number 28, at Akershusstranda. More information will be handed out regarding meeting times.

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