About us

About us

BMW Oslo Marathon is an annual street run with roughly 25,000 runners. bestående av ca. 25.000 deltagere. The event takes place in the next to last weekend of September and goes through the streets of Oslo. It is one of Norway’s biggest street runs.

The event consists of multiple distances and is an event for everyone:

Our internal values are important to us and with focus on the runners we want to give every participant a feeling of; Quality of life, Accomplishment, Joy, Safety, Professionality and Fellowship.

Thanks to our partners and sponsors who, through their excellent and close work, make the BMW Oslo Marathon possible.

Our Team

Karen Kvalevåg

Managing Director

[email protected]

Julie Uggen

Comms and Project Manager

[email protected]

Cecilie L’Orsa Tveit

Product Manager
Sport and Health Expo Coordinator

[email protected]

Edwin Ingebrigsten

Project and Volunteer Manager

[email protected]

Bodil Støylen

Event coordinator
Sport & Health Expo Project Manager

[email protected]

Other contacts

Morten Pedersen

Volunteer Manager

[email protected]


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