"My marathon" 750 km for the Norwegian Cancer Society

I have never been good at any kind of physical activity and have never been interested in it. At school, gym was not my favorite subject and I was always one of the last to be selected on a team, says the 32-year-old from Oslo. During the 2016 season, Isabel will run 250 km and cycle 500 km in competitions on Norwegian soil, to raise money for the Norwegian Cancer Society. The picture above shows Isabel from the Easter Bunny Marathon 2015. Here she ran with hare ears and the easily recognizable pink t-shirt that she wears in all races where she promotes the fundraising case for the Cancer Society.

In January 2013, Isabel made a choice, a choice to make a lifestyle change. In the beginning, it was most moderate strength training and running on a treadmill, where the goal was to lose weight and get in shape.

-It was different this time, I did not fall off as I had done before. I got in better shape and lost weight. I started to like training and running. That was when I decided to make my debut in running competitions, where the goal was to finish with 42 km during the Oslo Marathon, says Isabel.

In 2014, Isabel debuted with 10 km on the iFormløpet and her first half marathon in Nordmarka. The next race was 42 km during the Oslo Marathon. Isabel's main goal was to complete, but she had little hope of coming in at 4:15. She managed this, and completed the 42 km long race in 4:14.

-It is difficult to describe the feeling I had when I crossed the finish line. I simply felt rushed, rushed on life, on joy, happiness over having achieved the goal. Imagine that I had accomplished something that no one, including myself, had thought I would accomplish. I felt invincible. The Oslo Marathon was the start of a new era in my lifestyle change, says Isabel.

Isabel's focus went from losing weight to training, competitions and physical performance. In 2015, Isabel completed a total of 17 competitions in running, skiing, cycling and triathlon. The same year she completed the Oslo Marathon, 42 km, in a time of 4:10.


Completed the Birken triple (skiing, running and cycling) 2015.

Fundraising for the Norwegian Cancer Society
In 2016, Isabel will use her passion for training and endurance competitions for a good cause, raising money for the Cancer Society.

-I myself have gotten this disease close to me after my sister was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2014. I therefore want to donate my collection to research on cancer so that more people will be healthy and to prevent more people from getting it. My fundraising case is that in the 2016 season I will run 250 km and cycle 500 km in competitions on Norwegian soil. There will be a number of extra kilometers throughout the season as well, says Isabel.

Her new challenge in 2016 is to participate in ultra races, where the longest of the year will be 80 km on the Eco trail. In addition, she will ride longer bike rides, including half the Strength Test, Kvam - Oslo in June of 273 km.

Check out Isabel's fundraising case for the Norwegian Cancer Society here: http://innsamling.kreftforeningen.no/kfarbeid/5-3315

Oslo Marathon 2016
In September, Isabel is on the starting line during the Oslo Marathon for the third time, this time she will run the Oslo triple of 73 km.

-This will be a big challenge, especially as there are time limits to keep at each distance. But of course I have faith that it will go well this time as well, Isabel concludes.

Isabel's goal is not to win over others, but to compete against herself. She has sustained a strain injury, running, but keeps her spirits up and will mostly train every day. In her training, she varies between cycling and running, with elements of strength.


Completed Oslo Marathon 2015.

Competitions Isabel will participate in 2016:

  • 50km Bislett (included in 250 km) - February 20 - completed
  • The Easter Bunny Marathon - 42 km (bonus) - March 22 - performed
  • Holmestrand marathon - 42 km (included in 250 km) - April 9 - completed
  • Sentrumsløpet - 10 km (included in 250 km) - April 23 - completed
  • Eco trail Oslo - 80 km (included in 250 km) - May 21 - completed
  • Tyrifjorden around –145 km (included in 500 km) - 5 June
  • Half strength test, Kvam - Oslo - 273 km (included in 500 km) - June 18
  • Kongsvinger forest marathon - 42 km (bonus) - 6 August
  • Svea challenge - 20 km (included in 500 km) - unclear date
  • Kongerittet - 65 km (included in 500 km) 13 August
  • BMC ride - 62 km (bonus) - August 20
  • Furusjøen around the race - 18 km (bonus) - 3 September
  • Oslo marathon triple - 73 km (included in 250 km) - 17 September
  • Skåbu mountain marathon - 21 km (bonus) 1 October
  • Risør marathon - 42 km (bonus) - 9 October
  • Fredrikstad Marathon - 42 km (bonus) - 22 October
  • Bislett international indoor, 6 hours - as far as I can - (bonus) - November 19th

In the autumn of 2015, Isabel created her own blog about change, training and goal achievement. Here she wants to motivate and inspire others to make the changes they may want. Check out her blog here: http://skyisthelimit.blogg.no

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/skyisthelimit.blogg.no/?fref=ts

Instagram: skyisthelimit2015

We wish Isabel good luck with the training leading up to the BMW Oslo Marathon and her fundraising for the Norwegian Cancer Society!



Age: 45

Residence: Bærum

Distance during the BMW Oslo Marathon 2020:
I run half, and of course aim to have the widest smile all the way.

Previous participation in the Oslo Marathon:
«10 for Grete» 2013, Half Marathon 2014 and 2015, 2017 and 2018 and marathon in 2019.

Three words that describe me:
Outgoing, Smiling, Energetic

Instagram: @muddylicious