Finish line chases runners in Stavanger - for a good cause!

On Sunday 8 May, the global charity race Wings for Life World Run Stavanger - the only race in the world where the finish line catches you again. In over 33 countries, participants will compete against each other at exactly the same time, with the aim of finding a cure for spinal cord injuries.

During the Wings for Life World Run, the world runs together for income for a common cause: the struggle to find a cure for disabling spinal cord injuries. Worldwide, more than 100,000 participants competed on the starting line during the year in May, which collected a total of 35.2 million Norwegian kroner. The donations go directly to the Wings for Life Foundation, which funds research to find a cure for spinal cord injuries.


- Wings for Life World Run binds us together

Two years ago, Tove Bøe suffered a back injury after a wrong landing during a parachute jump. In May this year, she participated with her friends, and Tove will be on the starting line again in 2016.

- For those of us who are affected, it is extra great to be able to collect money and participate ourselves. One must keep in mind that people with spinal cord injuries have often been active people, and then it is so great that a race like Wings for Life World Run can bind us and others together, says Bøe.

_MG24984Svindal is on the starting line

The race has no set distance, the finish line comes from behind in the form of a car that follows the participants, and when the last participant has passed the world, the race is over. Aksel Lund Svindal was actually supposed to run himself, but when he struggled with an Achilles injury, he decided to drive the car that indicates the finish line:

- I was really looking forward to participating this year, but when I realized that I could not run I would very much like to contribute in another way. A spinal cord injury changes life completely, so if there is only a small chance of finding methods or forms of treatment, this is clearly something that has been tried to find out, says Svindal who is on the starting line in Stavanger on 8 May 2016.

Together with the alpinist, ambassadors such as Heidi Weng, Henrik Kristoffersen, Kjetil Borch, Nils Jacob Hoff, Thomas Jacobsen, Tiril Sjåstad Christiansen, Jokke Sommer, Øystein Bråten, Karina Hollekim and Andreas Mikkelsen will compete.

New trail

The starting shot for next year's Wings for Life World Run is from Vågen and the trail will take the participants through the new part of Stavanger, old Stavanger and through Randaberg, before the participants will run down the coast past Sola towards Orrevatnet. The view is therefore nothing to say.

The rapporteur in Stavanger, Christine Sagen Helgø, is very positive that the event returns to Stavanger:

- Wings for Life World Run is a great and important event that we greatly appreciate being a host city for. It is a very good concept that means a lot for a good cause, in addition to being a great experience for everyone who participates in the race. I wish everyone who is happy and welcome to Stavanger, says Sagen Helgø.

- It is possible to find a cure

Leif Arne Fjellheim, leader of the National Association for Spinal Cord Injuries appreciates that Wings for Life World Run is arranged and that so many people sign up, both in Stavanger and all over the world.

- Both nationally and internationally, one is dependent on financial donations to be able to research spinal cord injuries. This project definitely gives hope, and we are grateful to everyone who signs up and runs for those who can not, says Fjellheim.

At the same time - all over the world

Registration for the Wings for Life World Run opened on October 8, and it is expected that more than 100,000 runners will compete on the starting line on Sunday, May 8, 2016 at 13.00 (Norwegian time) in 33 countries on five continents in varying light and weather conditions. Thus, runners in California will start at. 04.00 in the morning, while the starting shot in Taiwan goes at. 19.00. This year it was ultra runner Jarle Risa who won in the men's class with 58.8 km, while Elise Selvikvåg Molvik claimed for the second year in a row in the women's class with 44, 93 km. Lemawork Ketema from Ethiopia and Yuuko Watanabe from Japan were named global winners of the year and ran 79.9 kilometers in Austria and 56.33 kilometers in Takashima, respectively.

Registration for this year's Wings for Life World Run takes place via: and it only costs NOK 350 to register until 31 December 2015.



Wings for Life World Run

  • Global charity run where the goal is to raise money for the organization Wings for Life which works to find a cure to heal spinal cord injuries.
  • Arranged in 33 countries in 35 different locations on 5 continents around the world - exactly at the same time.
  • Wings for Life World Run was held for the first time in 2014. In 2015, a total of 101,280 participants ran in over 35 different cities around the world. More than NOK 35.2 million was raised for the Wings for Life foundation
  • In Norway, the race will take place in Stavanger on Sunday 8 May, starting in Vågen.
  • A car follows the participants from behind, and when the last runner is caught by the car, the race is over.
  • A male and a female winner are crowned "Wings for Life World Champions".

The Wings for Life Foundation

All proceeds from the race go to Wings for Life, a foundation that funds research to find curative treatment for spinal cord injuries. The researchers believe that this should be possible and that it is only a matter of time and resources.

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