Track manager announces «retro track» during the BMW Oslo Marathon 2017!

The tracks for the BMW Oslo Marathon are now ready. The half and full marathon is undergoing a number of changes compared to recent years. Due to extensive construction activities in the Bjørvika area, the trail manager has tried to look at new alternatives. After a very good dialogue with the Police in Oslo - an exciting trail is now ready.

In the 80's, which is what the trail manager remembers best - then there was more running inside the city, turn up Markveien. It is probably most remembered because it was a real hill where the trail manager usually had to take a break to get all the way up the road. The dirt road will not be part of this year's trail, but similar challenges have been found. This means that this year's route, in many ways becomes a «retro trail». A little more hilly, a little more space, a little more exciting - but also then more challenging!

To make a quick and easy route for half and full - marathon in Oslo is not the easiest thing today.

Start and finish are at Rådhusplassen as before. It runs in the direction of Skøyen from the start - Up Dronning Maudsgt, left into Ruseløkkveien, right up Cort Adelersgt and left into Huitfeldtsgt. Then turn right onto the small street stump, Lassonsgt. Straight ahead on Munkedamsveien which is followed a good distance before turning left and onto Drammensveien. Drammensveien is followed as before all the way to Bygdøy Alle. Everything here is as before.
Runs as usual over the intersection in the direction of Skøyen, but unlike before, it is now run on the right side of the road. And runs in right on Ottar Birtingsgt. Then come straight into Halvdan Svartes gt and follow it up on the right side. There is a slight incline here, but it is gentle with a small cracker at the top. The road is followed all the way to the roundabout at Frogner Plass. Runs left and onto Kirkeveien. The church road is followed on the left side upwards, past the entrance to Vigelandsparken and the tennis courts. At the next traffic light, turn left onto Middelthunsgt. Runs past Frogner Stadium and Frognerbadet and follows the road on the left side all the way up to the roundabout in Sørkedalsveien. Slightly slight ascent here too, until you come over and along at the next roundabout. Everything is still going on on the left side of the road.

Sørkedalsveien runs all the way to the traffic light Sørkedalsveien / Skøyenveien. Here you run left on Skøyenveien, which is followed down, with Vestre gravlund on the left side. At the next junction - turn left onto Monolittveien. The monolith road is followed up to Frognerparken, where it is taken to the right on a fine gravel road (same route as Sentrumsløpet). The gravel road is followed over the top, with a subsequent downhill to Madserud Alle. Right after the turn, the trail goes back into Frognerparken, still on the same stretch as in Sentrumsløpet. Nice gravel road all the way down to Frogner Hovedgård, before running to the right and onto Halvdan Svartes gt. Now you will see runners coming up in the opposite direction - remember to cheer on them! Again a good downward stretch. Shortly before the intersection Halvdan Svarte / Drammensveien, run over on the left side, before running over the intersection itself and onto Drammensveien left side, direction Skøyen. Now the trail is like last year, over to Sjølyst, through Sjølyst up the steep bend and into the walk / bike path along Frognerstranda / Frognerkilen.

Runs like last year, along the walk / bike path to Tjuvholmen. Runs through Tjuvholmen and Aker Brygge, into Rådhusplassen and onto Akershusstranda. Akershusstranda is followed past the cruise ships. Then turn left onto Kongens gate. Follow Kongens gate to the intersection at Myntgata, left into Myntgata, right into Nedre Slottsgate. Runs straight ahead across Rådhusgata. Enter the right Tollbugata, which runs down to Kirkegata. Enter left on Kirkegata - which is followed up to Stortorvet. Enter Stortorvet left side, enter right on Møllergata.

Now Møllergata will be followed in the direction of Grünerløkka, it will be run on the right side of the road. Passes Youngstorget on the upper side - continues on to the OBOS building / Hammersborg Torg. Take in and up Hammersborg Torg on the right side, turn right and into Grubbegata. Further right into Fredensborgveien. At the next junction, run left and onto Thor Olsens gate. The turn here is a bit sharp, so be a little obs. Thor Olsens is followed on the right side to Ullevålsveien. Enter Ullevålsveien, pass St. Olav's Cathedral and continue up Ullevålsveien. The toughest part of the race is coming now..Ullevålsveien is run all the way up to St.Hanshaugen. Takes in Geitmyrsveien, it follows the park all the time on the left side. The highest point of the trail is at the top of Geitmyrsveien. Then it goes downhill and is taken left and into Colletts gate. Nice gentle downhill running along the park, onto Ullevålsveien and onto St. Hanshaugen. Then it's down Ullevålsveien again while you wave to those who run up!

In the lane, it is hard into the right on Frimannsgate, left into Zetlitz gate, left into Wessels gate and right into Ullevålsveien again. And then you're back at St. Olav's Cathedral. Enter Thor Olsens gate, keep right, take a hard right into Fredensborgveien, left into Grubbegata and left down Hammersborg Torg. Then right into Møllergata - which is followed all the way back to Stortorvet. All the time you have had lots of opportunities to cheer on runners in the opposite direction. Right after Stortorvets Gjæstgiveri, turn right and up Grensen. At the top - at the traffic light, turn left into Akersgata. It is run over to Karl Johan. Turn right and down Karl Johan, left into Rosenkrantzgate, left into Stortingsgata. Follow it up to Wessels Plass. Run right into Akersgata. Akersgata is then followed all the way to Rådhusgata. To the right and down Rådhusgata - and vips then you are at Rådhusplassen. If you are going to run a marathon, just run the same round 1 more time!

Pooh - you might be thinking now. And a little puhh is enough, with a little small hills here and there. The important thing in this trail is to dispose better than the trail manager did in the 80's… Remember that there is a lot of downhill as well. If it is run correctly here, you can get some rest. This year's trail will be more open than before, which means smaller fences and probably a little more space for runners. But - always pay attention, remember that it should be fun - and smile. The organizer will ensure that the city's population is well oriented so that overall it will be a great day for everyone!

The 10 km route to the BMW Oslo Marathon is a little easier than both half / full marathons. It follows the same route in western Oslo, but the loop up - and around Frognerparken has been dropped. So then it will be out to Skøyen, in along Frognerkilen / Frognerstranda, over Tjuvholmen and Aker Brygge. In over Rådhusplassen, the sea side - looked out on Akershusstranda, before left into Kongensgate. Follow it to Myntgata, left into Myntgata and right into Nedre Slotts gate. Running Nedre Slottsgate to Tollbugata, turn left into Tollbugata which is followed up to Wessels Plass. Here it is left into Akersgata. There will also be latecomers in the half marathon, so keep the left side as directed. Comes out in Rådhusgata - which is followed to the finish at Rådhusplassen.

This route is relatively easy to run, with a few small bumps, but nothing that should ruin opportunities for good times. There are also some long, straight stretches - which invite good speed.

See trail map for all distances here.

Good luck!

Regards Track Manager in the BMW Oslo Marathon, Tim Bennett




Age: 45

Residence: Bærum

Distance during the BMW Oslo Marathon 2020:
I run half, and of course aim to have the widest smile all the way.

Previous participation in the Oslo Marathon:
«10 for Grete» 2013, Half Marathon 2014 and 2015, 2017 and 2018 and marathon in 2019.

Three words that describe me:
Outgoing, Smiling, Energetic

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