Runner´s weekend at Vestlia Resort 13th – 15th of August 2021
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  • Runner´s weekend at Vestlia Resort 13th – 15th of August 2021

Oslo Marathon is inviting you to a runners weekend filled with exciting talks, great running lectures and good food. In glorious surroundings we will acquire you with the best running techniques and the training sessions will adapted to all levels.Either you are a beginner who wants to participate in your first race, or you are chasing a new PR on the marathon distance. 

We are offering professional running instructors that will guide you through the different lectures both running and strength training.


Goodie bags for everyone!


Confirmed instructors:


Professional running athlete Ingvill Måkestad Bovim 

Running coach and earlier athlete Jack Waitz

Doctor, brain researcher and running coach Ole Petter Hjelle

PT and running coach Rune Solheim

Norways most famous trainer Yngvar Andersen

Training instructor Stine Næss-Hartmann

NB! Time schedule and instructors may change 

Vestlia Resort is a cozy lodge hotel situated in the centre of Geilo. The hotel is surrounded by beautiful nature and mountains and offers a wide range of activities.


Would you like to know more about Vestlia Resort and Geilo?

You can sign up for the running weekend by yourself, or with others. You choose between single room, double room and a room with more if you wish to travel with more people.




Ingvill Måkestad Bovim is professional running athlete, now ranked as number two in Norway on 800m and 15000m, behind Hedda Hynne and Grete Waitz.  She is now training for Oslo Marathon half marathon. Besides running, she works as a nutritionist and works with athletes at Idrettens Helsesenter and as a nutritionist at REMA1000.



Jack Waitz is an international known running expert and athlete coach and has been involved in Oslo Marathon since the beginning. Waitz is a former athlete himself, and his best time on the marathon distance is 2.36.08, which is top 400 in Norway through times.


Rune Solheim has been a PT for 14 years and is a former CEO of Mykjemeir Asker. He had done multiple marathons, some ultras and 34 hours run. His running philosophy:  running should be easy and fun and the road to your race is just as important as the race.


Ole Petter “the training doctor” Hjelle is the norwegian doctor who is famous for taking his pasients training instead of subscribing them drugs. He is a former Norwegian champion on the marathon distance, he is a writer, brain researcher and he has a podcast with Mads Kaggestad, a professional cyclist.


Stine Næss-Hartmann works as a training instructor both abroad and in Norway, and through her fun bootcamps with music, she pushes you all the way. Her bootcamps are adapted to all levels.


Yngvar Andersen has 20 years experience and is Norways most known traning profile. He has published multiple fitness books, and offers fun and effective work out sessions that both

makes you stronger and faster.


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