Running Groups



Together with Friskis&Svettis Majorstua we arrange running groups every thursday, where xperienced trainers from Friskis&Svettis will help you achieve your goals and get you in shape for Oslo Marathon.


The running groups are open for all contestants, and there are no charges for participating.


How to participate: 

All you have to do is meet ut at the reception at FrikiskSvettis Majorstua 5.30pm on thursdays.


Colosseum Senter
Sørkedalsveien 10A
0369 Oslo

We recommend public transportation to Majorstua Station.


Traning programmes: 

Program 1, Pyramid Intervals: 1-2-3-4-4-3-2-1 (breaktime: 1-1,30-1,45-2-2…)

Program 2, Long Intervals: 6 x 5min and 2 min breaktime (some hillrunning)

Program 3: Short Intervals: 3 x 8min ans 2 min breaktime + some longer slopes

Program 4: Long Intervals: 7 x 6min and 2 min breaktime or 5-10 min runs


These programmes will be varied each week, and there might also be some changes and/or smaller edits.

The trainings lasts for 75 minutes, and the group will be divided into one group for advanced runners and one for beginners. The difference between the groups are mainly speed/intesity and number of intervals.


We hope to se YOU joining and getting ready for Oslo Maraton! 🙂


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