Race groups in the BMW Oslo Maraton Virtual Edition 2020!
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  • Race groups in the BMW Oslo Maraton Virtual Edition 2020!


The BMW Oslo Marathon is known for having pacers in the course who help runners reach the goal for their finish time.

A pacer is there to help, push and motivate the runners, give them a gear they may not know they had and work to ensure that they reach the finish line within the goal they have set for themselves.


When you run in a race, you often run with several others, and there is no doubt that the runner besides you in the course sometimes motivate you to push yourself. Many might not have managed to push themselves to reach their goal without their sidekick in the course.


Every year we get feedback from both pacers and runners who have participated in the BMW Oslo Marathon that their pacer group worked together, and they motivated each other through the course. The fellowship in the group made a better running experience and boosted their motivation.


We want to recreate this in our Virtual Edition, and we hope you will help us create race groups all over Norway – and maybe the whole world!

In order to make this happen we have created a solution where you can find runners in your area who want to run the same distances with similar goal times, and who want to run together with other runners.


Our goal is to create motivation and dedication. We also want to create an alternative to the fellowship and joy of running you get from running with others at a real event.



How to create a race group?

Do you want to create a running group and help motivate runners in your area? Click here! 


To create a running group you need to:

  1. Have a course ready for the distance your group will run
  2. Have a planned finish time
  3. A meeting place for your group
  4. A start time for your group


Once you have created the running group, it must be approved by the Oslo Maraton, before it is added to the list on this page. All running groups are open for everyone to join (maximum 20 people in accordance with infection control rules).


As a group leader, you are also responsible for sending out an e-mail to everyone who is registered with your group with information about the meeting place, time and any other information you want them to have.

You will be able to see who has signed up to your group through your group leader portal. You will receive your username and password in the confirmation you receive when your group is approved.


The deadline for creating a race group is Tuesday 15th of September at 12:00 o’clock.


Read more about how to create a running group, and become a group leader here!


How do you join a race group?
  1. You must be registered for the BMW Oslo Marathon Virtual Edition 2020 to run with a running group. Not signed up? Sign up here.
  2. Look at the list of race groups here – do you see a race group in your area that plan to run a distance you want to run at a time similar to your goals? Click on “Join group”!
  3. The group leader will send you the necessary information when the race day approaches. This will tell you the meeting place and time, and other important information you may need before the race day.

Also remember to read our race and competition rules HERE.


Last chance to join a race group is Thursday 17th of September at 4pm.



Do you have any questions? Please contact us at info@oslomaraton.no 


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