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Will we run on the 19th of september?

Saturday, September 19th we are supposed to arrange the BMW Oslo Maraton 2020.
Every year we gather more than 20,000 runners and thousands of spectators in the city of Oslo. Every runner participating has their own expectation, goal and motivation. They have their own story and reason for running. Maybe it is to set a new personal record, or the feeling and sense of achievement when you cross the finish line, and receive your medal. 

Since the first Oslo Marathon in 1981, the race has been arranged every year, but with one exception. In 2003 we had to cancel due to a very low number of contestants.
For 39 years we have welcomed our runners to Oslo. Will we be able to welcome you again in 2020? 

Due to the Coronavirus the authorities have decided that all events in Norway with more than 500 participants are banned until September 1st 2020. We are monitoring the situation closely and are communicating with the authorities, but what will be decided for the rest of the year is still uncertain.

The chances for it being safe to arrange an event with tens of thousands of people in september is not great. But, we are not cancelled yet and no matter what happens one thing is for sure – we will be running on the 19th of September! 

As soon as we know more about the situation, and the government inform about their decision for the rest of the year we will send out information to all our runners. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding in these difficult times.



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