Good attitude!

Written by Tore Amundøy, Head of Education at Friskis & Svettis

When we are going to run, and especially when we are going to run long distances, it is appropriate to run as relaxed and relaxed as possible, even if we are going to run fast. Try to have low and relaxed shoulders. Feel the difference if you pull them back a little in relation to forward (if you pull your shoulders back a little, you will bring your chest forward a little, and thus a better running posture).

The arms should swing at the shoulder joint, think that the elbows are a point that you pull back. Try to be relaxed in your hands and let your arms swing along your body, not in front. Think that you should have an athletic and proud attitude, that is: forward with your chest and forward with your hips, so that you do not become "sitting" in the step. Try to put your foot under the center of gravity and not in front. Lots to think about, and here you may want to get someone to film you with a Smartphone, so that you get a visual feedback.

Regards Tore Amundøy, Head of Education at Friskis & Svettis



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