(Meeting with physiotherapist Christine Lundkvist in Volvat, where we worked with speed and technique).
From holiday mode to half marathon in 3-4 weeks

It has been a holiday and during the holiday I have not trained as optimally as I had hoped.

I did a test run - Sjusjørunden round, which is approx. 10.5 km and ran it 1 min faster than last time. I could also run up a hill, last year I had to go up.

It will be good to get back into routines, because the diet throughout the summer has not been completely 100% either. Therefore, I have to focus and apply the advice I received from Janne Antonsen, clinical nutritionist at Volvat Majorstua.

Holiday mode is over and I'm ready to work hard in the next few weeks. It's 3 weeks until race day and I'm ready to get in the right mode. I think I can reach my goal which is less than 2 hours !!!

I stopped by Volvat for a ride and got the speed tested at the mill, I am higher in the interval drag and I am ready to work with competitive speed in the coming weeks.

Now my training week will look like this: the next two weeks

  • 10 and 15 km in marathon pace
  • 1 interval training
  • A total of 30 km in the legs a week

Good start to the BMW Oslo Marathon!

- Carl Roger



Age: 45

Residence: Bærum

Distance during the BMW Oslo Marathon 2020:
I run half, and of course aim to have the widest smile all the way.

Previous participation in the Oslo Marathon:
«10 for Grete» 2013, Half Marathon 2014 and 2015, 2017 and 2018 and marathon in 2019.

Three words that describe me:
Outgoing, Smiling, Energetic

Instagram: @muddylicious