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This page contains Q&A’s about 17. Mairaton

Information on this page will be updated continously. Did you not find the information you were looking for? Contact us by e-mail or send us a message on Facebook.


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  • Rules for running and competing

    In order to get your race approved we do have some rules that needs to be followed correctly. If you wish to compete for a place at the podium, you have to follow our race rules and competition rules.

  • How does it work?

    Participating in a virtual race is very easy. You decide when you want to start, and you choose your own pace. We have no maximum time limit you need to consider, and you can walk, jog, or run – it’s up to you!

    The start and finish time of your race must be within the race dates, 14th to 17th of May. And you must finish before 23:59 on the final race day.

    You need to use a device to log your race to track your time, and when you have finished you register your race on “My Page”.  You can also choose to press “finisher” on “my time” to confirm that you have participated without updating your race time. Read this guide to learn the different ways you can upload or register your time.

    For more information about how to participate, see the PARTICIPANT INFO. Here you can also find frequently asked questions and answers.

  • What does it cost?
    Entry fees:

    Childrens Mini Mairaton:  FREE

    Other distances: 150 NOK

    This is included in the entry fee:
    • You can finish your distance as many times as you want on the race dates
    • Your personal start number with your name on it you can print at home
    • You can upload your time to the official result list, and you can replace old times if you run again
    • A digital medal after registering your time
    • The possibility to purchase a real medal
    • You are also automatically in the draw to win cool prize

    You can purchase the real medal when signing up or on my page. The medal cost 199 NOK. If you live in Norway the shipping fee is included. Do you live outside of Norway there will be an extra shipping fee added.

    We ship the medal to you by post after the race. If you live in norway you will receive the medal 3-4 weeks after the race. If you live outsite of Norway ut may take a few more days depending on your adress.

    You can sign up HERE
  • Where do I sign up?
    You can sign up HERE
  • How do I sign up as a Para contestant?

    Every distance in 17. Mairaton has a Para-group.

    If you are a para contestant you register to the Para group when signing up. Choose your distance on the entry page, and when you enter your data you confirm “Yes” in the box named “para contestant” in the entry form.

  • Which distances can I run?

    You can particitpate in the following distances:

    • Barnas Mini Mairaton (500-1000 meter)
      (Childrens Mini Mairaton)
    • 3 x hurra! (3K)
      (3x Hurray!)
    • 3x hurra racing ( 3K Wheel chair)
      (3x Hurray Racing)
    • Jordbærmila (10K)
      (Strawberry 10 k)
    • Jordbærmila Racing (10K Weel chair)
      (Strawberry 10 k Racing)
    • Halvmaraton (21,1K)
      (Half marathon)
    • Maraton (42,2K)
    • Trippelen (73,3K)
      (The Triple)

    All distancens have a para-class. If you are a para participant you register it when signing up.

  • Where can I run?

    Anywhere! Find the course of your choice. Do you want a fast track, challenging track, do you have a favorite place to run? You can even run around your house, in your backyard, on a treadmill – literally anywhere.

    But – if you want to compete for one of the spots on the podium there are some rules you need to follow:

  • Can I run with a pacer or in a group?

    Due to Covid-19 we are not able to open registrations for running groups. If the situation changes, we will consider opening up the entries. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep informed.

  • Do I get a bib number?

    Yes! We will e-mail you your own personal race number. You will receive a PDF you can print and also a cool image for sharing on your social media account.

  • What time do I start?

    It’s up to you what time you start. Only rule is that you have to start after 00:01 on the 14th of May and finish before 23:59 on the 17th of May 2021.

  • How does the timing work?

    Start a session and run your chosen distance.
    Your smart phone, smart watch, fitness watch or activity tracker is your personal “virtual timing chip”.

    NOTE! You have to run the correct amount of kilometres
    When you reach the total amount of kilometers you have chosen to run you stop the session – and this is important! You must run the total amount of kilometres for your timing to be true. Example; if you are running the Half Marathon, you have to run 21.1 kilometers. If you run too short our system will calculate an average time based on the total time and distance of your race and you will not get your real time. (If you run too far you’ll be OK – it cuts the race at the correct amount of kilometres).

    Please also note, that even though your watch or phone deducts pauses you may have taken during your session, our system does not. It measures the total time of your race from from start to finish.

    Finish and registration
    When you finish your race you store it on your device. To register you log on to “My Page” and press “my time”. Here you can simply link to your Strava-account. We also support session file import for GPX, TCX and FIT formats – so if you use other platforms or compatible devices nothing is holding you back from joining the party!

    Do you not want to register your time?
    You can finish the race, and registert without time. Just press the “Finished-button” on my page. Your name will be on the result list, but your timing will not.

    Want to race for one of the spots on the podium? 
    There are some rules  you must follow: 

  • Which devices can I use?

    Any smart phone, smart watch, fitness watch or activity tracker that supports track logging, like Suunto, Garmin, Polar, Apple Watch, Fitbit etc.
    Strava offers free memberships, and you can use the app on your phone to track your race. You do not need a watch or activity tracker.

    NOTE: If you are using Garmin or Polar please read this guide before you start your race.

  • Is there a cut off time?

    No, we do not have a cut-off time in our virtual races. You decide your pace, and you can walk, jog or run. But you have to start and finish between the 14th and 17th of May 2021.

    Please note that we will double check the times for suspisiously fast runners as well as all top 3 runners.

  • How do I register my time?

    You register your time on “My Page” . Log on to your profile and press “my time”.

    You have five options for registering your time:

    1. Platform connection
    2. RaceConnect – LIVE TRACKING
    3. Acitity file upload
    4. Manuel time entry
    5. Register without time

    Read THIS GUIDE for more information about how you register your time, and how RaceConnect works.

    If you have entered one of our challenges we will send you more information about uploading your time closer to the event.

  • Can I choose not to register my time?

    Yes, if you do not want to register your race time, you can go to “my page” and register your participation without timing.

  • Will my time be published?

    Your time will be updated to the official results list for 17. Mairaton. It will be published on our website,, on the first raceday.

    If you register as a finisher without time, your name will be on the list but time will not show.

  • My time in the results are incorrect. What do I do?

    Before questioning your result, please read this information carefully.
    Keep in mind that GPS/activity fitness devices are not a 100% accurate technology. If you disagree with your result, we advise you to evaluate this based on the race instructions and the general information stated above.

    Further we do offer you the option to manually submit your time, that will overwrite your uploaded activity.


    If you cannot find the answers to your questions here please contact us on Facebook or at 

  • Do I receive a medal?

    Once you have finished your race you will receive an awesome virtual medal by e-mail, that you can share on your social media platforms.

    You can also purchase a real medal for 199 NOK. The postal fee for Norway is included in the price. If you live outside of Norway there will be an extra postal fee added.

    We ship the medal to you by post after the race. If you live in norway you will receive the medal 3-4 weeks after the race. If you live outsite of Norway ut may take a few more days depending on your adress.

  • What happens if I cheat?

    You can try. We promise you, it will not be pretty!


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