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BMW Oslo Maraton 2020 is cancelled, goes virtual

Read our press release:

Due to the threat of Covid-19 and the uncertainty associated with arranging major events, it is not possible to arrange the (?) BMW Oslo Maraton as planned. Prohibition of large public gatherings and strict infection control makes it impossible to gather close to 25,000 runners in Oslo, September 19th 2020.

Every day we work towards lowering the threshold for physical activity. We want to create a race event where everyone has the opportunity to participate. This year, unfortunately, it will be very difficult to organize the BMW Oslo Maraton the way we would like to. The situation could change before September 19th, and when the government in Norway will announce their decisions for this fall they might ease on the rules and guidelines enforced today. We still do not think they will ease enough to make it possible for us to arrange the BMW Oslo Marathon. Gathering a crowd with close to 100,000 people including the spectators is not safe and therefore we choose to cancel our event”, says Oslo Marathon

In 2019 almost 23,000 people signed up for BMW Oslo Maraton, and this year they were looking forward to a potentially sold-out event. But when the shutdown of Norway happened in March the entries stopped. For almost 40 years Oslo Maraton has colored the streets of the capital with running and joy, but this year the race will be different and without a geographical boundary.

“We think it is very sad that we are not be able to invite our runners to Oslo this year, but we still want to give them the opportunity to experience joy through running, and the sense of achievement crossing a finish line can give you. The pandemic gives us two choices. We can cancel and wait til next year, or think outside the box and create an alternative. We chose to think outside the box, and are happy to invite all of Norway or even the world to a virtual race on September 19th”, says the organizer.

Everyone signed up for BMW Oslo Marathon 2020 will receive an email with further information about their entry.

Sign up for the virtual version here

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