Running the Oslo Marathon course on August 13 and 27
Join us to test the Oslo Marathon course with Tim Bennett and Oslo Marathon! There will be three runs in August! August 13 (21.1 km+10 km), August 27 (21.1 km), 10 kilometers (date to come)
When: Sunday, August 13 (21 + 10km), and August 27 (21km).
(10 for the Grete run-through is not set yet. More information to come)
Time: 10:00 am
Where: City Hall steps
Tempo on the long run: 5:30-6:00
Facebook event: August 13 and August 27
No luggage storage, come as you go 🙂

Important information Sunday August 13 (21.1+10 km)

At 10.00 we will run 21.1 km + 10 km. This means that we will start running 21.1 km from Rådhusplassen at 10.00 am: 10.00. When we return to Rådhusplassen we will run another 10 km.

Take note:
When we return to Rådhusplassen after running 21.1 km, you can either jump off and call yourself satisfied - or join us for another 10 kilometers.

Those who want to "just" join the 10 kilometer run without having run 21.1 km first, must then join at Rådhustrappa. Estimated start time will be from 12 noon on the last 10 kilometers. Therefore, everyone who wants to participate must be ready and join the race on the conveyor belt.

Practical info: Start and finish at Rådhusplassen, we meet at Rådhustrappa. 

This running group is ideal for marathon runners or half marathon runners. It is possible to drop out after 21 km as well, or join in the last 10 km.

Press SKAL on the event if you're coming and tell a friend to join you! It will be great fun.

NB! You don't need to be registered for this year's event to participate in the run-through, but who knows - maybe you'll want to sign up after running the course? 🤩




Age: 45

Residence: Bærum

Distance during the BMW Oslo Marathon 2020:
I run half, and of course aim to have the widest smile all the way.

Previous participation in the Oslo Marathon:
«10 for Grete» 2013, Half Marathon 2014 and 2015, 2017 and 2018 and marathon in 2019.

Three words that describe me:
Outgoing, Smiling, Energetic

Instagram: @muddylicious