Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Volvat Medical Centre is partner with BMW Oslo Marathon. Volvat will contribute with medical personnel and expertise during the event which will take place on the 15. September 2018.

Volvat will bring between 8 and 10 doctors and specialists, 6 to 8 physiotherapists and between 10 and 12 nurses to help with this years  BMW Oslo Marathon on all distances.

Volvats medical professionals will be chiefly based at the start/finish line at Rådhusplassen where we will also be working closely with Folkehjelpen (Public Help).

In addition to this, Volvat is contributing with medical teams along the course.

With experience from the event last year, Volvat will be increasing the number of contributed personnel at Rådhusplassen with doctors , physiotherapists and nurses.

Food and drink stations will be located nearby Volvats medical teams along the course.

About Volvat

Volvat Medical Centre is one of Norway’s leading private Health Authorities.

Volvat is intended to be a supplement and an alternative to the public health service.

Volvat Medical Centre was established in Oslo in 1985 at Volvat, Oslo.

We have 35 years experience running health services and offer a wide array of medical services.

Today, Volvat has five medical centres in Oslo (Majorstuen and Nationaltheatret), Bergen, Fredrikstad and Hamar. All centres are centrally located.

At Volvat you can get everything in one place

We offer consultations with general practitioners and specialists within most areas.

In addition, a wide range of surgical procedures and physiotherapy are offered. If you need emergency help we also have Emergency Rooms at most of our centres.

Volvat is owned by Capio AB who also manage hospitals, medical centres, x-ray laboratories and other medical laboratories throughout Europe.

We are ready to help you!

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