17. mairaton

The 17th of May is Norway’s National Day, and normally a day celebrated with fellowship, music and parades. Due to the coronavirus, this years celebration will be very different, without the big parades and social gatherings. We want to contribute to the celebration inviting everyone to join our virtual race, 17.mairaton, and dress up in the colors of our flag, red, white and blue. Our goal is to spread joy, sense of achievement and fellowship on our national day, and give the people a fun alternative to this years celebration. 


Everyone is welcome to join wherever you are and whenever you want – as long as you do the race on the 17th of May. And remember to follow the guidelines and rules from the authorities.

We are running together, but alone. 


How does it work? Read Q&A’s about virtuel races and 17. mairaton here! 

The different distances you can participate in is: 

  • 3 x hurray! (3 km)
  • Strawberrymila (10 km)
  • Half marathon (21 km)
  • Marathon (42 km)
  • Trippelen (73 km)

Sign up here – it is free!

How to register your race time or finished race

Do you like competing against others when running, or are you only running for the fun of it?


We have three options for how you can register your 17. Mairaton race. You can choose if you want to register your race time, or just register that you have finished.

If you want to register your race time, you can use both a smartphone, smart watch, workout watch or activity band.

Please also note, that even though your watch or phone may deduct pauses you may have taken during your session, we don’t. We measure from start to finish!


Option 1: Connect to app; Strava or Endomondo
  1. Log in to [My Page].
  2. Press the “My Time” button
  3. Select the correct button for your app and connect to your profile.
  4. After connecting, you will get a list of your latest races, select the race for your 17. mairaton, and upload.
  5. Exit by pressing “Submit time”
Option 2: Upload GPX / TCX / FIT file
  1. Download the CPX/TCX/FIT file from your watch when you get home
  2. Log in to [My Page].
  3. Press the “My Time” button
  4. Upload the file by pressing “select file” and upload your 17th mairaton
  5. Exit by pressing “Submit time”
Option 3: Register participation without time
  1. Log in to [My Page]
  2. Press the “My Time” button
  3. Press the “Finished” button
  4. Exit by tapping “Submit time”


Do you have any questions? E-mail us at info@oslomaraton.no


The winners of each distance are rewarded with a price. We will also give some lucky contestants some surprises by random draws.


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