Half Marathon Story

History of the Half Marathon

The half marathon is a running event with a distance of 21,097.5 metres. This corresponds with half the official distance of a marathon. Unlike the marathon, the half marathon is not part of the Olympic or World Record programs. It has, however, been part of the NM (Norwegian Record) since 1986 for men and 1987 for women. The event is in the “long distance running events” category within track and field.

In the last few years the popularity of the half marathon has increased considerably. In 2008 “Running USA” reported that the half marathon was the fastest growing running distance in relation to total runners. Within the  Oslo Marathon the half marathon has existed since it started in 1981 and is now the distance with the most runners.

Why run the Half Marathon?

Running the half marathon can be a big challenge but is still a distance that is achievable for most runners. The half marathon requires less training that the marathon and has a lower risk of injury for those that run it. This is one of the main reasons for why it has become so popular. The half marathon is also a good distance to try for those who have the goal of running a full marathon at some point.

Why not run the half marathon in Oslo this September? By running the half marathon you will experience the capital in a whole new way along with thousands of other running enthusiasts and viwers. The run will take you past Skøyen, Frogner and Akershusstranda, Aker Brygge, Akershus Festning, St. Hanshaugen and Karl Johan.

If you have not run a half marathon before, you can use running calculator to calculate your time.

If you plan to run the half marathon in September you should do extensive training in preparation.  Check out our trainingprogramme developed by Jack Waitz and Grete Waitz.


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