10 for Grete Story

History of “10 for Grete”

Passed the beginner stages of running and ready to try a longer distance? Then this distance is perfect for you! 10 km is great for those who feel they have some experience running as well as for those who consider themselves elite runners. Running a 10km demands goal orientated training with focus on both conditioning, pacing and strength.

Grete Waitz is Norway’s most successful long distance runner of all time. Grete won the New York marathon 9 times, became world record holder in cross-country running 5 times, has 33 Norwegian records, took silver in the Olympic marathon in 1984 and is the world’s first world record holder when she won the marathon in Helsingfors in 1983.

Grete’s efforts as a female long distance runner have had a large impact on the world of women’s sports. In 1984 she arranged the “Grete Waitz Run” which had up to 50,000 runners a year at its peak. The run was last arranged in 2004.

Grete Waitz passed in 2011, and the 10 km in the Oslo Marathon was renamed to “10 for Grete”. This run is a tribute to her and all others who want to embrace physical activity, set a goal and complete it.

Why run “10 for Grete”?

This distance suits everyone from beginners to elite runners. Now you can in honour of Grete Waitz.

Grete Waitz was always busy in promoting health care and helped found the charity “AKTIV mot kreft” (Active Against Cancer). Why not be part of continuing her work for public health? If you run “10 for Grete” you run 10 km for public health, those that fight against cancer and for Grete Waitz.

If you have not run 10 km before, you can use running calculator to calculate your time.


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