Business packages

Business packages

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In the BMW Oslo Marathon you can participate together with your company. We offer group prices for companies and teams that choose to participate and pay together. To sign up your team or company, click on “Create a team” on our sign up page. You will then have a certain number of available places to use, depending the availability of the distance you choose.

We offer differerent sign up prices depending on the amount of participants in your team/company. Please note that you will need a minimum of 10 participants in order to pay the group rate and receive your discount.

This discount is valid for the sign up fee. Fees for entry and licens fees are excluded, this also regard the T-shirt.

Prize increase dates:



Participants Percent discount
10 to 19 10 %
20 to 49 15 %
50 to 99 20 %
100 or more 25 %


If you have any questions, please get in touch with Bodil:



BMW Oslo Marathon offers business tents at Spikersuppa. These are available for various numbers of runners and can include food and beverages if desired. It is important to note that all tents will be clearly labeled with your company name but, in accordance with the City of Oslo, companies will not be allowed to add their own logos or any form of advertising on the outside of the tent. Companies are, however, allowed add what they want to the inside of the tent.

Please contact for booking.


Deadline for booking of tent is 01th of September 2020. 

(IMPORTANT: Please read the terms and conditions carefully before placing your order.)


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