6 tips for reflective use in the dark

by: Gjensidige 

Do you use reflex when you are out running in the dark?

It can be the cheapest life insurance you can have, says Andreas Rivenes in Gjensidige Forsikring .

Do you know how big a difference it can make? A pedestrian without a reflex is visible to the driver in between
25 and 30 meters hold. With reflex, the pedestrian is visible at a distance of 140 meters. The reflex gives the driver ten
seconds - instead of two - to respond.

Most pedestrian accidents happen in cities, and most often when people are crossing the street. Light
from shops, cars and other vehicles means that you who walk on foot become gray and invisible in the cityscape.
The call is crystal clear: Always use reflectors, regardless of whether you are moving in lighted city streets
or are out in the terrain.


Six tips for you who are going out into the dark:

Attach reflectors to all jackets and any accessories.
Use multiple reflectors so that you are visible from all sides. The more reflectors you use, the more visible
are you.
3. Hang the reflectors at knee height.
Use reflexes on both arms and legs. Reflexes that move when you walk are most visible.
Dress in strong colors - it makes you more visible in traffic. Yellow is the color the eye perceives
fastest and looks easiest.
6. Test the reflective effect by lighting the reflector with a flashlight in a dark room and see if it
still lit well.



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