17. MAIRATON 2021

The 17th of May is Norway’s National Day, and normally a day celebrated with music and parades all over the country. Due to the coronavirus the celebration in 2020 was very different, without the big parades and social gatherings.


We wanted to contribute to the celebration inviting everyone to join our virtual race, 17. Mairaton, and dress up in the colors of our flag, red, white and blue. Our goal was to spread joy, sense of achievement and fellowship on our national day, and give the people a fun alternative to the celebration in 2020.


 We have decided to do it again in 2021!


The BMW Oslo Maraton and 17th of May has one thing in common – it is a folkefest. Everyone is welcome to join wherever you are. All contestants that register their race are in the draw to win cool prices. And of course the winner of each distance is rewarded.

The distances you can participate in: 

  • Childrens Mini Mairaton
  • 3 x Hurray! (3 km)
  • 3 x Hurray Racing (3 km wheelchair)
  • Strawberrymila (10 km)
  • Strawberrymila Racing (10 km wheelchair)
  • Half marathon (21 km)
  • Marathon (42 km)
  • Trippelen (73 km)


Entry fee Childrens Mini Mairaton: FREE 

Entry fee other distances: 150 NOK 

Registering your race

Are you a competitive person, or do you just run for the fun and good feeling?


In our virtual races, you can choose whether you want to register your time, or whether you want to complete and register that you have participated and finished your distance.


Those who register their race and win their distance will receive a prize. There will also be 10 random winners drawn among all who has registered their race. This means everyone has a chance to win a price from the 17. Mairaton!

How does it work?

Virtual races can be completed wherever you are in the world, and you can start whenever you want within the dates of the race. At this year’s 17. Mairaton, we have opened up for you to complete your distance between 14th-17th of May. You decide when you want to start, as long as it is between 00:01 on the 14 of May and 23:59 on the 17th of May.


Are you wondering how you track your race, or have other questions how to participate?
Read our participant information for the 17. Mairaton here.


Award yourself with this years medal!

When you have registered your time on “My Page” you will receive a cool virtual medal that you can share on your facebook page, or you can print it and hang it on your wall.


But – you can also award yourself with a real, awesome medal! You can purchase the medal when you sign up, or after on “My Page”. We ship the medal to you by post after the race. You will receive it around 2-3 weeks after the race (applies to norwegian adresses. Adresses outside of norway may have longer delivery time).

The 17. Mairaton Event Tee 2021

This years event tee for 17. mairaton comes in a beautiful blue color, we love it! There is also a childrens tee available in white. The tee is created by Craft Sportswear Norway, and you can buy it on craft.no.


If you want to receive the t-shirt before the race you must order it before 1st of May to receive it in time.


All entrants to 17. Mairaton will receive a discount code that gives you 20% discount on craft.no. (the discount code does not apply to the event tee).


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