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Romjulsløpet + Kirkens Bymisjon

Run for Charity in the Christmas Holidays!

For most people Christmas is a time filled with happiness and childhood memories reminding you of joyful family gatherings around the dinner table. It is a holiday where most of us enjoy some extra time together with our families.

But not everyone is looking forward to Christmas. Not everyone has a family to celebrate with, or can look forward to joyful evenings with the people they love. For many Christmas can be a painful reminder of loneliness and the people they have lost.

We want to arrange a Christmas Race which in addition to being a part of our goal to activate our runners also will contribute to some joy for those dreading Christmas, giving a hot meal to those who need it the most.

One of Oslo Maratons goals is to motivate people to physical activity and give everyone a chance to feel the sense of achievement you get when reaching your goals. With Romjulsløpet, we want to combine this with giving back to people in need. We are very happy to contribute to Kirkens Bymisjons Christmas Charity giving joy to those who are anxious about the Christmas time.

For every person signing up to Romjulsløpet we give 40 NOK to Kirkens Bymisjons and their charity work helping people in need. This means that each entry provides one hot meal to someone who needs it, and hopefully gives them some joy for Christmas.

There are many people in Norway and around the world who are not looking forward to Christmas, and we want to help make them a little less anxious. We hope all of Norway and the world will take part in Romjulsløpet and help us spread some joy.

Sign up for the Romjulsløpet and provide a hot meal so someone who needs it.
You can find more information about Romjulsløpet here.

Read about the good work Kirkens Bymisjon does on their website.


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