Are you a positive, hard working person and enjoy meeting new people?


Then you are the one we are looking for!

We are looking for volunteers with experience from other events or from previous experience with the BMW Oslo Marathon. We also need people who can contribute to ensuring Norways largest running event runs as smooth as possible. The most important thing is that you are willing to make an effort and give it your all!

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Why be a volunteer?

  • You will have insight into the implementation of a big event.
  • You will have a new and exciting network.
  • It’s great for your resume (all here at BMW Oslo Marathon have been hired through volunteer work)
  • You will be part of a community where everyone works together towards a common goal – an experience and an atmosphere that has to be experienced!
  • You get a nice sweater and backpack from Craft.
  • You can have a letter of recommendation after completion of the event
  • We will take care of you, make sure that you have a great experience and it will be served food and drinks


Below you’ll find more information about the different tasks that we need help with during the event. We need help the days leading up to the event, during the event and the day after. It’s limited places on some of the tasks – so first come, first served – if you want a specific task.


If you want greater responsibility or wish to try out as a section leader for some of the tasks – please contact us at frivillig@skvidar.no


Task as a volunteer

Here you’ll find a simple description of what tasks you can partake in during BMW Oslo Marathon


Volunteer service

This task is to take care of the volunteers, and make sure that the right person gets to the right place and gets the right task. You should also make sure that the volunteers are enjoying them self during the event – that they get food and drink and whatever they need to carry out their tasks. You will have your main base at the City Hall, her you can enter tasks the day before and the day of the event.


Audience security at Rådhusplassen

These guards will help us direct the audience and participants at Rådhusplassen. A nice job where you meet a lot of new people!


Heat organizer in the starting area

The heat organizers shall ensure that the runners hold their place in the divided heats.



We need more drivers and helpers. The tasks will mainly consist of carrying goods to and from the arena in Rådhusplassen and areas out in the trail. We provide cars and trucks, but we need drivers! If you have a driver’s licence for a truck or other vehicle, we would greatly appreciate your contribution, but we also need drivers with regular driver’s license. Here there are many tasks in advance, during and after the event.



We have a long trail, and alongside it we need smiling and helping people who are ready to provide help or information, and give our runners a great experience. You will be the event’s face outwards to the audience, and need to ensure that they also have a good experience in Oslo. The assignments entail guarding tasks that aim to direct runners, the public and traffic. Here you can take part right where the action is, you get the opportunity to cheer our runners towards the finishing line. The assignments take place along the trail – during the event.


Fluid station

Without food and beverage the runners won`t come far. On this task you will hand out drinks, clean the station and prepare more drinks to the runners. This task is perfect if you like to be busy!


Build up and tear down

To create this huge event there is a lot to prepare. Here we need help to set up fences and take them down around in the trail and at Rådhusplassen.


Children’s Marathon

The kids are also an important part of the BMW Oslo Marathon! Thus we arrange a separate activity day for the children during the event. Here they have the opportunity to run their own marathon at Kontraskjæret, and participate in several fun sports activities! This job is for you how want to contribute to the sporting pleasure of the children. Here are several different tasks, including start number distribution, assist in the start and finish area, make sure the kids are doing well and much more!


Back-up and all around 

You are back-up and an “all around” helper who steps in where extra assistance is needed or if unexpected need for help appears. This can be anything, so you have to be prepared for whatever comes next, this requires a quick head and a positive attitude! You have your main base at Rådhusplassen and it will initially only be tasks during the event on Saturday.



Secretary and trail service

This task is to assist runners with the help they need in terms of starting number, late registration or other questions they have before starting the race. This is for those who like to meet new people and to work efficiently, and meet runners with a positive and good service spirit! The tasks also requires basic understanding of computers. You will have your main base at Rådhusplassen. The secretariat opens on Thursday and closes on Saturday


Starting number and T-shirt distribution

You are our face outwards greeting our runners, and the first they meet at Rådhusplassen. This task is for those who like to meet people, work efficiently and are comfortable at a fast pace. The task also requires a very positive attitude and we wish you meet all runners with a big smile and good service spirit! Your base will at Rådhusplassen, and the tasks are the days ahead and during the event. Distribution of start numbers and T-shirts starts Thursday and ends Saturday.


Company service at Spikersuppa

Here we need you who wants to provide good service and being a contact person for companies that have their own tent in the tent-city.



Here we need volunteers to assist in logistics around award ceremony and performance services at the main stage at Rådhusplassen


Security Expo

We need crowd control guards inside the Expo tent, as well as outside the entrance and exit (the big tent at Rådhusplassen). Here we have guards from Thursday to Saturday


Information group

In this group you must learn information in advance. You will circulate around Rådhusplassen and be the available to the public and participants. You should be able to answer relevant questions. The most important thing is to be gentle, nice and service minded.



Menygata is what we call a part of the finish area. Here you help out with handing out bananas, water and buns to the participants.


Read the conditions for being a volunteer at Oslo Marathon




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