Runner info

All information is subject to change. 

  • How to get to the Arena

    If you travel by public transportation we reccomend getting of at either the National Theatre og Oslo Sentral Station and walk from there.

    The National Theatre is the stop closest to the arena.

    Find more information on how to get to the arena bellow.


    Adress to the BMW Oslo Maraton Arena and Expo:
    Rolf Strangers Plass 1
    0151 OSLO


    From the National Theatre

    There are both trams, trains and busses stopping at the National Theatre. Please find more information about all routes on (Train/Bus/Tram).

    Walking from the National Theatre to the BMW Oslo Maraton Arena on Rådhusplassen will take approximately 7 minutes. The Start and finish will be at the end of Olav Vs street, near the Expo. 



    From Oslo Central Station and via the Norwegian Parliament

    There are both trams, trains and busses stopping at Oslo Central Station. Please find more information about all routes on (Train/Bus/Tram).

    The Fastest way to get from the Central Station to the BMW Oslo Marathon Arena is by walking up “Karl Johans Gate” and go left onto “Rosenkrantz’gate” by The Parliament and follow this street until you see the Expo (a big white tent).

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  • Collecting your bib number

    You will receive your entry card to your registered email address in the week leading up to race day. You will also receive this on SMS to your registered number. If you enter in the week leading up to the event the entry card will be sent directly after registration. The bib number will be available for collection in the Expo tent at “Rådhusplassen”.  

    Expo opening hours:

    • Thursday       13:00-20:00
    • Friday            09:00-20:00
    • Saturday        07:00 – 18:00

    We advise you to collect your race number on Thursday or Friday to avoid long waiting lines.
    If you plan to pick up your bib number on Saturday, please be advised to arrive early, and in good time for your start. 


    To pick up your bib number you will need:  

    • Entry card, which you will receive by registerred SMS and email.
    • Valid ID

    To pick up a race number on behalf of someone else, you will need their entry card and a copy of their ID.

  • Your name on the bib number

    If you register before the 2nd of September you get your name on your bib number.

    If you registert after this date, or decide to change your race distance you will not get your name on your bib number.  

  • Event Tee

    When you make your entry you can choose to add our BMW Oslo Marathon T-shirt. The T-shirt has an additional cost of 150 NOK.

    If you have purchased a t-shirt, you will be able to collect this in the Expo tent when you pick up your bib number and luggage bag.

     You can also get the t-shirt in the Expo tent, but there is no guarantee for available sizes. 

  • Late registration

    You can make your entry online up until the race day.

    It is also possible to make an entry and/or change your race distance at the information desk in the Expo tent at Rådhusplassen. 


    All race distances are subject to be fully booked, and we reccomend early entries so secure your place on the start line.

  • Changing distance and entry sale online

    If you want to change your registered distance, please contact us at


    Participants who want to sell their ticket can do this by logging on to “My Page”.

    If you transfer your registration, you will receive a voucher which can be used as payment by another person. The discount will equal a new registration, and  a fee of 100 NOK for the name change, which will be subtracted from the discount.  The voucher is only valid for the same distance that the seller was registered for.

  • Prices

    We have four price levels for each distance. Bellow you will find the different distances and dates for each level.

    All purchases are binding and non-refundable in accordance to the Norwegian consumer protection laws. Please read our terms and conditions carefully before signing up.


    01.03.21 – 25.04.21            830 NOK*
    26.04.21 – 15.08.21           930 NOK*
    16.08.21 – 18.09.21            990 NOK*


    01.03.21 – 25.04.21            690 NOK*
    26.04.21 – 15.08.21            790 NOK*
    16.08.21 – 18.09.21            860 NOK*


    01.03.21 – 25.04.21            560 NOK*
    26.04.21 – 15.08.21            640 NOK*
    16.08.21 – 18.09.21            680 NOK*


    01.03.21 – 25.04.21            1950 NOK*
    26.04.21 – 15.08.21            2250 NOK*
    16.08.21 – 18.09.21            2400 NOK*

    * Administration fee (NOK 30) and one-time license (NOK 50) will be added. If you have a full-year license, this can be registered at registration, and you will not be charged for a one-time license.

    More info about the license click here



    The para classes are for participants with disabilities. BMW Oslo Marathon offers registration of 100 NOK for para contestants. Sign up to the para classes HERE.

    If a companion runner is required, please contact us on for help.

    If you sign up to a para class and are not qualified for this class you will be disqualified.



    BMW Oslo Marathon offers entry for NOK 100,- to all disabled and wheelchair participants. Sign ut to the Wheel Chair Racing HERE.



    All students get a 20% discount by signing up for the marathon. Send us an e-mail at and write “STUDENT DISCOUNT” in the subject field. Send us your student evidence and we will provide you with a code.

  • Startlists
  • Start and group times

    Which group you start in depends on the time you register as your “estimated time” in your entry. You can change your estimated time in your profile on “my Page”. 

    Bellow you will find the start times and groupes.



    (start times are subject to change)

    • Rullestol: 09.00
    • Marathon, Oslotrippelen, para marathon : 09.25
    • Kids Marathon: 12.00
    • Half marathon, para half marathon: 1.30 PM
    • 10 km plogging: 2.20 PM
    • 10 for Grete/10 k, para 10 k: 4.15 PM




    Heat 1: 09:25
    Heat 2: 09:30

    Half marathon:

    Heat 1: 1:30 PM
    Heat 2: 1:35 PM
    Heat 3: 1:40 PM
    Heat 4: 1.45 PM
    Heat 5: 1:50 PM
    Heat 6: 1:55 PM
    Heat 7: 2:00 PM

    Plogging 10km:

    Heat 1: 2.20 PM

    10 for Grete/10 k

    Heat 1: 4:15 PM
    Heat 2: 4:20 PM
    Heat 3: 4:25 PM
    Heat 4: 4:30 PM
    Heat 5: 4:35 PM

  • Pace Teams

    For some runners a pace team is the best motivation or tool to reach your goal time.

    The pace team leaders in the BMW Oslo Marathon carry a pennant on their back telling you their pace time.

    Your registered estimated time will place you in the start group  with a pace team close to your goal time.

    In the BMW Oslo Marathon you will find the following pace teams:

    Pace teams for 10 for Grete/10 k


    Pace teams for half-marathon


    Pace teams for marathon


  • BMW Oslo Maraton EXPO

    The BMW Oslo Marathon Expo will be situated in a big white tent near the start-/finish line on Rådhusplassen in the Oslo City centre. Here you will find  the bib number pick up and you can collect your luggage bag and/or t-shirt.

    The Expo also contains exihibitors from various sports and health brands and organizations, in addition to BMW Oslo Marathons partners. Check it out, and paritciapte in fun competitions, get useful information and good offers on great gear.  

    Click here for more information about Expo.


    Expo opening hours:

    Thursday           13:00-20:00
    Friday                09:00-20:00
    Saturday            07:00-18:00
  • Luggage and showers

    You may check your BMW Oslo Marathon luggage bag for storage during the race. The Luggage Storage area is situated close by the start area; in the City Hall backyard (Fridjof Nansen Square). 

    For safety reasons, you will only be able to check your  BMW Oslo Marathon luggage bag for storage.  Runners can ONLY use the BMW Oslo Marathon luggage bag and can NOT bring their own backpacks. 

    You will not be able to store other sorts of luggage, suitcases or bags in the storage area. We thank you for your understanding and respect for our guidelines for safety. 

    If you want to store other types of luggage, we recommend using the storage facilities at the Oslo Central Station or similar.  


    Here is what you need to do:

    1. Collect your bib number and BMW Oslo Marathon luggage bag at the Expo.
    2. In the envelope with your bib number you will find a tag with your name and number – attach this tag to your luggage bag.  
    3. Follow the signs and directions for your distance in the luggage storage area
    4. To retrieve your bag, you will need to present your race number – remember to not throw it away before you have collected your bag! 

    The area for luggage storage will be outside, and any stored items will be stored at your own risk. We do not recommend leaving behind valuables. We also recommend bringing a plastic bag to cover your pack to avoid it getting wet. There will be security present, but BMW Oslo Marathon will not take responsibility for damage or loss of any items.

    Please note that any unclaimed items left behind in the luggage storage will be donated to charity.

    Opening hours for luggage storage on race day: 08:30-18:30

    Please be advised to arrive early, as there may be some queues.


  • Fluid stations

    There will be several fluid stations along the course which will offer sports drinks from Maxim, Red Bull (50/50 Red Bull and water), water and Cola. Some fluid stations will also serve bananas, but this is primarily served during the marathon and half marathon.

    Food and drinks will also be served at the finish area.

    There will be maximum 5 kilometres between each fluid station.


    Number of fluid stations for each distance:

    • Fluid stations marathon: 11
    • Fluid stations half marathon: 5
    • Fluid stations 10 for Grete/10 k: 3
    • Fluid stations «10 km Plogging»: 3
    • Fluid stations wheelchair: 2
  • Toilet facilitiets

    We have multiple toilets placed on the arena. The majority will be placed near  the group lineup is, in Rosenkrantz’gate.

    We reccomend using these toliets to avoid long queues.


    There will also be some toliets near Kontraskjæret, and some toilets near the ceremony stage.

    Toilet adapted for wheelchairs is located near the ceremony stage.


    Adresses for the toilets:


    Rådhusgata 34

    Rådhusplassen (right after the finish line)


    At the fluid stations you will also find toilets placed before or after each station.  


  • Safety

    Medical assistance

    Volvat Medical Centre and Norwegian People’s Aid will provide healthcare in their main tent by the finish line and along the running course.

    Medical teams from Volvat have extensive experience with emergency treatment.

    All personnel will have experience within medicine and science in sports.


    Safety in the running course

    As requested by the police, we do NOT allow running with music ( headphones/earplugs). Due to safety reasons strollers and dogs are not allowed in the running course either. 

    Make sure to get enough food and drinks throughout the day.

  • Medals and Award ceremonies

    All participants of the BMW Oslo Marathon will receive a medal after finishing.

    The top three contestants in each distance will be invited to the stage to receive their awards. They will be informed by our personell when and where to meet up. 

    The award ceremonies will be held at the stage on Rådhusplassen, near the finish Line.

    All age class winners will receive their prizes in the tent behind the stage. Please check the finishers lists to see if you are one of the winners. 



  • LIVE Tracking

    Download the app UltimateLIVE! Here you can choose runners that you want to follow and see their position in the course during the race!

  • Photography

    Sportograf take your picture when you cross the finish line. 

    Through this link you will find pictures from the race.

    Enter your BIB number in the box below and you will find pictures of yourself.

    Here you will find your BIB number if you are unsure.


    The BMW Oslo Maraton is broadcasted directly on the Norwegian TV-channel NRK1.

  • Business packages

    Team Entries

    We offer team entries for companies, organisations and large groups. Your company can register your teams on our entry page.

    If your team has more than 10 contestants you can earn a discount. The more contestants you have the higher the discount. And you can choose individual payments or payment by invoice. 

    Find more information about team entries HERE.

    Tent Village

    On race day you can offer your team contestants a team tent in our tent village. The tent can be used as a gathering point, we offer food and drinks and more.

     Find more information about the tent village HERE.


    For inquiries regarding team entries and/or team tents please contact


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